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Extraction and handling process at the quarry

The process starts with the extraction after the corresponding clearing of the area. Then, the slate blocks are cut with diamond wire.


The blocks are moved with own lorries to the processing centers at the quarry or to the central facilities.

Throughout this process there is one essential element: water, that is treated to be reused again.


The extracted blocks are cut accordingaccording to the size that each client requires.
WORKED. After the sawing it is split by hand or with state-of-the-art splitting machines obtaining blocks in different lengths and widths.

SPLITTING. to finish, the blocks are split by hand or machine into the required size. After this task the chamfer is added to allow for better water dispersion.

In each of these processes, extraction, sawing, splitting, sorting and final packaging we produce a product of the highest quality.

With the complete process we reach a perfect follow- up of our product.


Before despatch from our warehouse we implement the full labelling of the product before onward delivery to our customers.